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Our Fruit & Veg is fresh from local  growers and markets each day. Our  range of Fresh Breads are produced by our local baker. Our Meat suppliers  deliver to the shop hours after the  meat is prepared and packaged, and  our Dairy produce comes from the  most reliable and respectable sources. We understand that everyone has a  favourite brand of ketchup, soup,  breakfast cereal or biscuits and we try to stock a good selection of leading  brand products. However, we also  scour the local suppliers for value  products to offer you a money-saving  alternative to the leading brands  without compromising quality. In the shop you will find all the most  popular brands, almost always  cheaper than local supermarkets. But you will also find some names that  you may not be familiar with. You can rest assured that we have tested  these products and found them to be excellent value for money. We encourage you to compare our  prices. We know that supermarkets  often have short-term special offers  and it is impossible for us to match  these offers on a one for one basis.  But we are confident that across the  board, the cost of a weekly shop in  the Farm Shop will always compare  favourably to the same products from  local supermarkets.
Last Updated: 24th February 2017

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Mon-Sat 8.30am to 5 pm Sun 8.30am to 2 pm FREE PARKING Nearest Tube: Fairlop (Fairlop Stn. closed Sundays) Bus Route: 462
Large New Stock of Crisps and Tortllas Wide Range of Feeds and Seeds for Wild Birds
Grocery Leading brand names and great value suppliers combine to make our grocery products as keenly priced as you will find. Fresh Fruit & Veg Sourced from local growers and markets, our fruits, salads and vegetables are fresh, full of flavour and competitively priced. Household Goods Whether you’re cleaning the house, washing dishes or clothes or even yourself, we’ve got just what’s needed, and plenty more. Bakery We use three local bakeries to provide us with fresh breads daily. Plus, we have an extensive range of cakes and biscuits. Dairy & Fresh Meats True to our ideals, we source almost all of our meat products from local suppliers and we have all the normal dairy products. Drinks & Confection Super value, hand selected wines and beers and delicious soft drinks, not forgetting good old water, should quench that thirst. Pet & Wildlife Foods Cats and Dogs, Parrots, Budgies and Fish, we can feed them all. We can even help you to attract wild birds. Garden Centre With seasonal plants and all the trimmings, including composts, fertilisers and garden tools we’ll keep those green fingers busy. Home