Forest Farm Shop & Garden Centre More than a Farm Shop, not just a Supermarket
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Forest Farm Shop & Garden Centre
Our   fruit   and   vegetables   are   fresh   from   our   producers   or   local   markets   daily.   Our   meats   come   from   local   suppliers   who   provide beautiful   cuts   with   fantastic   flavour.   Our   bread   and   cakes   are   locally   baked   daily   with   quality   ingredients.   And   our   household   goods come   from   trusted   brand   names   with   a   reputation   for   quality   and   value.   We   even   have   world   champion   bee-keeper   Jim   McNeil   to supply local honey! The   business   is   owned   by   Steve   Loveman,   whose   family   has   been   involved   in   the   wholesale   fruit   and   vegetable   markets   for   over   50 years.

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Sourced    from    local    growers and      markets,      our      fruits, salads     and     vegetables     are fresh,     full     of     flavour     and competitively priced.


Leading    brand    names    and great         value         suppliers combine       to       make       our grocery    products    as    keenly priced as you will find.

Household Goods

Whether   you’re   cleaning   the house,     washing     dishes     or clothes     or     even     yourself, we’ve       got       just       what’s needed, and plenty more.


We   use   three   local   bakeries   to provide   us   with   fresh   breads daily.      Plus,      we      have      an extensive   range   of   cakes   and biscuits.

Drinks & Confection

Super    value,    hand    selected wines   and   beers   and   delicious soft     drinks,     not     forgetting good       old       water,       should quench that thirst.

Pet & Wildlife Foods

Cats      and      Dogs,      Parrots, Budgies   and   Fish,   we   can   feed them    all.    We    can    even    help you to attract wild birds.

Garden Centre

With    seasonal    plants    and    all the        trimmings,        including composts,        fertilisers        and garden   tools   we’ll   keep   those green fingers busy.


We’re    located    in    Forest    Road    opposite    Fairlop    Waters about   half   a   mile   from   Barkingside   town   centre.   See   the map below (you can click it to get the full map).


There is free parking within yards of the front entrance including 2 disabled bays. If you need assistance with any heavy bags we’ll be glad to help you load your car.

By Train

By   train,   we’re   just   400   yards   from   Fairlop   Underground station on the Central Line.
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We always have plenty of special offers in the Shop - far too many to list here, but below you’ll find some of our best. Also, we will give you a £5 discount on your bill if it exceeds £50 and you can show us this page at the till.
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By Bus

Bus route 462 stops just outside the shop.
Contact Details Forest Farm Shop Ltd. Forest Road Hainault IG6 3HQ e: t: 020 8500 2221
McVitie’s Hobnobs 262g Plain or Milk Digestives 300g Any 2 packs £1.50
Jana Sour Cream 400g pot £1.29
Sirloin Peppersteak c. 500g £5.99
Heinz Red Cabbage 200g jar £1
English Provender Classic Chunky Pickle 325g 99p
Blackberries 2 punnets £1.20
Blueberries 99p punnet
Raspberries 2 punnets £1.20
Strawberries 2 punnets £2.50
Gooseberries £2.25 punnet
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This   year   we’ve   converted   the   indoor   section   of   the   Garden Centre    to    form    a    veritable    Santa’s    Grotto    full    of    charming lights, decorations and accessories for Christmas. We   also   have   a   wide   selection   of   live   and   cut   Xmas   Trees   from £15 to £55. We’ll even deliver for you for a £5 fee. In    the    Shop,    you’ll    find    more    Christmas    goodies    including wines,    groceries,    sweets    and    more.    And,    of    course,    for Christmas   you   just   have   to   have   all   the   best   fresh   fruit   and vegetables.