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Pets & Wildlife  Keeping a pet can be an expensive prospect. We are connected to dozens of suppliers who  produce high quality, reasonably-priced foods for pets and wildlife alike.  We all appreciate the pleasure a pet can bring, but we often overlook nature’s gift of wildlife.  Place a little food in the garden and very soon you will get to see amazing creatures who  brighten your day and help your garden to develop.   We don’t just stop at food. You can really pamper your pet with treats, bedding and grooming  products as well.


We often have very special offers which feature products that are nearing their ‘Best Before’ date. This date has nothing to do with safety - it merely indicates the manufacturer’s estimate of when the quality of the product may begin to deteriorate. Every year we waste millions of tons of perfectly safe and tasty foods because of this misleading label. You can read more here.

Dog & Cat Foods

Our range of dog foods is extensive. From traditional tinned foods to dry foods and chub rolls, we have a great variety at excellent prices. We also have cat food in tins, pouches or dried.

Wildlife, Fish and Other Domestic Pets

Nothing brightens up a garden more than an abundance of bird life. Quite apart from the pleasure of watching them, they help to spread pollen and will keep insects at bay. Our range of wild bird feeds and feeders is designed to help you attract a variety of wildfowl. For pond fish we have pond pellets and insect feeds that will keep your fish healthy and colourful. We also have many different foods for other domestic pets such as parrots, budgies, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and fowl.

Bedding & Accessories

To complete our Pet Section we stock many accessories and luxury items. Treats for your cats or dogs, bedding, pet litter, grooming aids - there’s a great selection  all at discounted prices.
Saga Dog Turkey Roll 2Kg pack £2 or 3 for £5
Wild Bird Feeders Strong Hammertone Finish £2.99 each
KiteKat Classic Cat Food 12 pouches £2.40
In this weekend...
Absorbant Food Mat £4 each
Manor Garden Black Sunflower Seeds 500g pack £1.20
PeppyPets Working Dog Food 7.5Kg bag £8.99
Suet Blocks Fruit or Insect 99p each
Maize Fat Balls 50 ball tub £6.99