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Household Goods If you need to clean it, we’ve got just the product to make your life easier. Washing powders,  liquids and conditioners for your clothes, tablets, rinse aid and salt for your dishes and just  about every kind of surface and household cleaner you can think of together with all the  usual cloths and pads. For the cooks we have foils, shrinkwraps, re-sealable bags, a host of foil trays and all sorts of  food containers.   All of these are very keenly priced to enable you to make significant savings on your weeekly  shop.


We try to pick up goods for you that represent outstanding value and, as you would expect, these are often limited to one-off deals. However, we always maintain good stocks of the essentials such as cleaning materials, towels and tissues, air fresheners and personal hygene aids.


No, that’s not a misprint. We sell many different hardware products - things that we think you might need as part of your weekly routine. Take a look at our food containers for example. There are lightweight plastic and foil containers all the way through to our selection of fully waterproof, resealable containers. For cleaning we have scrubbing pads, tea towels and dishcloths and there’s the usual selection of tin foils, shrink-wrap and sandwich bags.

Cleaning Goods

Whether you’re doing the household washing, stocking up the dishwasher or just plain keeping the house spick and span, you’ll find the right product in our shop. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of cleaning products from leading manufacturers and specialists. We always have an eye out for a bargain and you’ll often find some great offers to save you £££s.

Personal Hygene

Again, a category that we are proud of. Bath and shower gels, soaps, shampoos, toothcare - you name it and we have it covered. You’ll always find great value here too. Check out our baby products. From nappies to lotions and gentle wash products, we are always looking to save you a few pennies here and there.
Coloured Plastic Plates Pack of 15 75p
E45 Dermatological £2.99 350g
In this weekend...
Aquafresh Toothpaste 3 x x100ml tubes £1
Coloured Paper Napkins pack of 20 £1
Dettol Anti-Bac Wipes (20 Wipe Packs) 2 packs £1, 10 packs £2.99 20 packs £5
Comfort Condotioner 85 wash bottle £4.49
Glade Scented Candles Limited Edition £2.99 each
Glade Sense & Spray Refills £1.99 each
Glade Sense & Spray Air Freshener £2.99 each
Mr. Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner 200 Shots £1.59
Macleans Whitening Toothpaste 100ml tube 99p
De-Icers Various Types from 99p
Mr. Muscle Spray Cleaners Many Types Any 2 for £2