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Grocery We have a wide selection of groceries including many popular brands of tinned goods,  breakfast cereals and snacks. We also search out great tasting value brands that offer superb  value for money such as Crucials sauces and ketchups, Mornflake cereals and Thurston’s  pickles. And of course, we have a good range of all the usual staples such as tea, coffee, sugar,  seasonings, pastas and rice. All of these are very keenly priced to enable you to make significant savings on your weeekly  shop.


We often have very special offers which feature products that are nearing their ‘Best Before’ date. This date has nothing to do with safety - it merely indicates the manufacturer’s estimate of when the quality of the product may begin to deteriorate. Every year we waste millions of tons of perfectly safe and tasty foods because of this misleading label. You can read more here.

Breakfast Cereals

We stock a broad selection of breakfast cereals. We regularly have special offers on branded cereals plus we try to keep a good range of value and specialised brands. Whatever your taste, we’re confident you’ll find something apprpriate to kick off your day.

Tinned Goods

We know that sometimes picking up fresh fruit and vegetables can be inconvenient and so we also sell tinned fruit and tinned and frozen vegetables. If you’re making lunch we have all the usual tinned fish from salmon and tuna to herring and pilchards.

...And Almost Everything Else

a shop wouldn’t be much use without all the usual grocery staples. In keeping with our traditions we combine leading brand teas, coffees, pastas and sauces with some excellent value brands. Try some of our Crucials sauces or our Thurston’s pickles, they’re more than a match for the big name brands and they’ll save you more than you would expect on your weekly shop.
Heinz 415g Beans and 400g Spaghetti Hoops 2 Beans, 1 Hoops £1.20
Sharwood’s Egg Noodles 125g £1.29
In this weekend...
Curry Xpress Ready Meals £1.20 each
Food Flavourings Various Flavours 28ml Concentrated 49p each
Blue Dragon Rice Crackers 100g £1.20
Golden Sunrise Dried Fruit & Nuts - Huge Range All £1 pack
Loyd Grossman Express Sauces 2 x 150g sachet £1
Dolmio Sauces Bolognese & Lasagne 750g £1.99
Princes Medium Red Salmon 213g tin £1.49
TGI Friday’s Crunchy Fries 2 packs £1.50
Gold Blend Refill/Vending 300g £4.99
Pureety Marinades Many Flavours 140g pack £1.99
HomePride Pasta Bake Sauces 500g £1.19
Blue Dragon Wasabi Paste 45g tube 50p
Caffe Deli Flavoured Cappuccinos 2 x 12 sachet pack £1.50