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Fruit & Vegetables Whenever we can, we try to source our fruit, vegetables and salads from local growers. Our  potatoes come from Johnathan Fowler’s farm in Lincolnshire. Local farmers supply us with  cauliflowers, greens, leeks, sprouts, other vegetables, some salads and seasonal fruit. For the balance of our stock, we make daily visits to wholesale markets and, again, we try to  focus on home grown produce if it is available.  Our team has spent a lifetime in the fruit & veg trade and there’s not much they don’t know  about the business. They not only serve customers in the shop, but also supply numerous  restaurants and catering businesses in the area. 


Please Note. Because we buy our Fruit & Vegetables daily, prices and availability can vary. If you are coming to the shop to buy something specific, please call to confirm. Due to the seasonal nature of some fruits and vegetables, we may show items which we have not been able to obtain from our suppliers on any particular day.

Tasty Vegetables

There’s nothing that sets off a meal like fresh, tasty vegetables. We have all the old favourites - potatoes from our own supplier, carrots, parsnips, sprouts, cauliflowers and cabbage all from local growers when in season. But we also like to broaden your horizons. Beautiful leeks, Romanescus, Asparagus, Kale, fresh Sweetcorn, Squashes, all sorts of Peas and Beans, Corgettes, Onions and Shallots and many more. We scour the markets for beautiful seasonal produce so you can experience the diversity of vegetables that bring a meal to life. We’re a vegetarian’s paradise!!

Vibrant Salads

With the world ‘shrinking’ due to efficient transportation, we are able to bring you salad produce all year round. Of course, we use local growers when we can, but when the season finishes here, we just go off to market to bring you a wonderful selection of crisp salads.

Delicious Fruit

We love our fruit and we reckon we have the best selection for miles around. You will find some of our produce in handy packs, but in many cases it will have been bought fresh the same morning and packaged just for your convenience. This is our Greengrocer’s speciality. Come in to the shop and we’re sure you’ll find something you’ve never seen or tasted before. There’s nothing like a fruit bowl bursting with colour and flavour.
In for the weekend.....
Medjool Dates Half Price 1Kg box £2.99
Loose Cherries £2.25 lb
English Strawberries £1.25 punnet
Discovery Apples 75p lb
Gooseberries Dessert or Cooking 89p punnet
Blueberries £1.45 punnet
Flat Peaches 99p punnet
Limonera Pears 75p lb
Victoria Plums £1.50 lb
Nectarines 1Kg punnet £1.25
Great Selection of Fresh Herbs and Garnishes
Crooks 49p lb
XL English Cauli 89p each
Maris Bard approx 2.5Kg bag £1
Lge Peaches/Nectarines 5 for £1 Mix ‘n Match
English Courgettes 68p lb
Paw Paw (Papaya) 2 for £1.50
Cherry Tomatoes 2 punnets 90p
Greengage 89p lb
Pineapples Extra Sweet 2 for £1.20
XL Water Melon £3.50 each or various cuts