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Drinks & Confectionery  We’re proud of our drinks range. We keep a close eye out for bargains so that we can bring  you top quality, brand name drinks at bargain prices. So if you’re looking for sodas, juices or  cordials you can be sure we’ll have something for you.  If you’re looking for a little self-indulgence, or a treat for the kids, our sweets and chocolates  are always great value. Look out for our Swiss chocolate lines - delicious!!  We do have a licence for the sale of alcoholic drinks too. We keep a good stock of wines and  some very interesting beers, but please be aware that we operate the ‘Challenge 25’ code of  practice. If we don’t think you look over 25, we may challenge you to prove that you are 18 or  older.


We often have very special offers which feature products that are nearing their ‘Best Before’ date. This date has nothing to do with safety - it merely indicates the manufacturer’s estimate of when the quality of the product may begin to deteriorate. Every year we waste millions of tons of perfectly safe and tasty foods because of this misleading label. You can read more here.


Whether you’re looking for a fine Swiss or Belgian chocolate indulgence or a special treat for the kids, we’re bound to have something here to make you smile. Our boiled sweet range is exceptional with everything from old-fashioned Everton Mints to the latest Fruit flavours.

Water & Soft Drinks

We always stock a good range of water at terrific prices in family sizes or handy travel packs. Our cordials and fruit juices are great for the kids and our enrgy drinks will give you that little lift that will pick you up during the day. And for everyone, there are the named brand favourites at cool prices.

Wines & Beers

We sell some excellent bottled beers, lagers and ciders - some you will know and some you should get to know!! Our wine selection is perfect for a little tipple at home, for entertaining at home or for fullscale parties. If you’re holding a party come and talk to us. We’ll see how we can help to keep your guests happy and your costs down. We operate the ‘Challenge 25’ age policy in the shop. If you look under 25 we will ask you for ID to verify that you are 18 or over. We ask for your cooperation in this. We sometimes buy beers that are just past their best before dates and, as a result, we are able to offer them at well below their normal retail price. The pH value of beer is low enough that no known bacteria or other disease carrying elements can survive in it, so it will not harm you. The only thing that really changes is the flavour. This is normal - the flavour of beers changes subtly even before the best before date. As a general rule, beers with a higher abv (Alcohol by Volume) can continue to improve beyond their best before date, with flavours becoming richer. Beers with a lower abv will start to deteriorate in taste sooner, but there is still considerable leeway between the best before date and the time at which beers may not taste so good. We taste every batch of beers that we sell to ensure that they have good flavour. If you find one that isn’t up to scratch we’ll be happy to replace it or refund your money.
Raffaello Coconut Chocs 2 for £3
In this weekend...
Fruity Pot Jelly Squeezes Box of 16 £3 2 Boxes £5
Belgian Truffles £1.20 box
McVitie’s Digestive Nibbles 89p bag
Pepsi Light 6 x 500ml £1.50
Sunny Raisin 14 x 14g boxes 99p pack 2 for £1.50
Galaxy Honeycomb 2 x 144g bars £1
Cadbury’s Crunchie 3 x 40g bars £1
Diet Coke Tray of 24 cans £5.99
Choc Selections £5 box