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Dairy, Eggs & Fresh Meats All our meats are freshly sourced from local producers. As an example, the sausages we put  on our shelves have usually been produced at a local factory just hours earlier. Our hams and  other cooked meats are absolutely delicious and very keenly priced.  We have a highly respected, local supplier of eggs and we always have white and brown,  frree range and even quail eggs. Our cheeses are no different - local suppliers with top quality daily cheeses. We also regularly  stock a few more exotic lines such as Greek cheeses, Brie, Stilton and Smoked Apple  Cheddar.


As all of our products are freshly sourced, we do our very best to cater for daily demand, but occasionally we do run short of some lines. If you are coming for something specific please call us to check that it is in stock.


We have a highly reliable and respected supplier of eggs and we offer a wide range including white and brown, free-range and organic. We always have quail eggs, produced locally and occasionally we stock duck eggs.

Dairy Products

We have fresh milk and yoghurts every day and a good selection of butters and spreads. We are very pleased with our cheese selection from Haloumi and Feta to Smoked Apple and classic Brie. We also have a good range of packaged cheeses and cheese spreads. Why not try a change for lunch? A nice piece of cheese, some crackers and celery or grapes - light, quick and delicious.

Fresh Meats

Maintaining our theme of supporting local producers, the vast majority of our produce is British. Our meats, whether they are fresh cuts or processed, are all sourced from locals. If you buy our sausages, for example, there’s a good chance they were only made earlier on in the day. They come from a producer in Essex and we have daily deliveries. At Christmas, our meat hampers are incredibly popular. Containing everything you will need to get you through the holiday, they will also save you enough to be able to afford that little extra present that you promised yourself!!
Ginsters Meaty Snacks £1.50 each
Rice Dream Rice Milk Original 99p Organic £1.19
In this weekend...
Delphi Greek Dips 170g tub 99p each
Oriental Pork Stir Fry £2.99 2 for £5
Salt Beef 200g pack £1.99
Eastleigh Cooked Meats £1 or £1.50 pack
St. Endellion Cornish Brie 200g 99p or 2 for £1.50
Boursin with Black Pepper - 150g 99p or 2 for £1.50
English Pork Chops c. 575g pack £2.99 2 packs £5
Assorted Cheeses All c. 200g £1 each