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Bakery We use a number of local bakeries to provide us with fresh bread daily. We don’t have  generally stock specialised breads - we tend to focus on daily standards; brown and white,  cut and uncut, seeded or plain. We also have rolls, burger buns and wraps.  We always have a great selection of cakes and buns, all from reliable bakers who provide  excellent value for money  We’re particularly proud of our biscuits. We stock leading brands and some great, lesser  known lines - a theme that is repeated throughout the shop. 


We often have very special offers which feature products that are nearing their ‘Best Before’ date. This date has nothing to do with safety - it merely indicates the manufacturer’s estimate of when the quality of the product may begin to deteriorate. Every year we waste millions of tons of perfectly safe and tasty foods because of this misleading label. You can read more here.

Breads & Savouries

We use 3 local bakeries to ensure that our bread reaches you in tip top condition. Our supplies are delivered early every morning - come in at opening time and you will probably be buying a loaf that was baked in the last 12 hours! You will always find white, brown and wholemeal loaves, cut and uncut with or without seeds. We sometimes have a few extras such as Cholla loaves just to provide something a little different at weekends. We also have savouries such as Pork Pies and Scoth Eggs,


Our cakes come from all the big names such as Mr. Kipling, Cadbury’s and McVities, but in line with our goal to bring you great value, we also stock cakes from lesser-known producers who have some really delicious products - we know, we try them every day!!!. Look out for our special offers - perfect to put a smile on your guests faces at coffee time.


Again, you’ll find our biscuits, both sweet and savoury, come from the big names and many other great value suppliers. You can save a fortune on those little treats for the kids - we always have a ‘three-for ‘deal on sandwich biscuits and we regularly stock mis-bakes and broken biscuits at huge discounts. We are also very pleased to be able to offer Gullon biscuits, many of which are made for diabetics and those with gluton allergies.
Ritz Minis £1.19 6 pack
In this weekend...
KP Dry Roasted Nuts 500g Sharing Pack £1.49 each
Seabrooke’s Crisps 6 pack £1.19
Traditional Matzos 1Kg box £2.80
Dulcesol Mini Cakes Packs of 5 £1.09 each
Hand Made Lemon Crunch Biscuits 250g £1.19
McVitie’s Classic Rich Tea Biscuits 2 x 200g pack £1.20
Burger Buns & Hot Dog Rolls £1.20 pack
Cabico Lattice Mince Pies 4 x 45g Pies 99p
Oreo Biscuits Many Varieties c. 150g pack 89p each
Sensations Crisps - 3 Flavours 150g pack 2 for £1.20
Walkers Crinkles Salt & Malt Vinegar 6x23g pack 2 for £1.20
Sensations Honey Roasted Peanuts 145g pack 99p
Doritos Chilli Heatwave 6x30g pack 2 for £1.50
Kettle Chips Seasalt and Black Pepper 150g pack 2 for £1.50